Hermione (meridianpassage) wrote,

So I don't forget

This Conversation

You worship me, my soul
the most vulnerable part of me
is the gateway

It is the most honest, the rawest and most beautiful.

To begin any other way would be
a desecration, reckless

No other means of adoration
is the same

I guard the gate well
for it is the way to my soul
the most vulnerable part

It is the most intimate,
hardest for me to share
But when you seek it to know me,
to go where no one else may enter,
to truly see me,
I am the most adored

At times, you are obsessed with it
And I am afraid, I feel hunted
Made to surrender
And it is okay to remind you
I am afraid

You feel vulnerable as I do
when I approach your gateway
and it is equally good but difficult
for you to allow me to see an experience
your being and soul as well
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