Hermione (meridianpassage) wrote,

I am...

Forever amazed at
the great loves
in my life.
I cherish them
and hold them
close to my heart.
I am compelled
to say so.
I wonder what
my life would be
like without
those dances
of broken-through

To those who have
danced with me, I find
myself grateful.
I am unbelievably
graced to have
encountered those
few men who
loved me boldly,
persistently, despite
the dangers
of my poison
tongue and heart

You honor me
with your love,
so pure and true.
You fought yourself
and me and all humanity
to reach my heart
and make yours true.
I want to say now
that I am sorry
that I tore at your
very being,
that I hurt you.

That you had to
bleed before I
would believe.

Greater love has
no one than this,
that he lay down
his life for
his friends.
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