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Back from the dead...

Gees its been a long time since I've been here. I finally got my password back...yes it had been that long. I feel so many emotions coming back to this place. All that I have lived here in one place. Some of them do not like sharing the space. But here they are frozen as they should be. You are mine to keep and look upon whenever I please. Some of these feelings are so strong... they make my heart rush as if I were violently pulled back to that moment and trapped inside it. This place is Neverland. It stands still. And all the feelings, memories and people in it are connected. You are a part of me that I cannot take off nor would I ever want to. No regrets. Not one. And so I find myself back here...

Among the solace quiet of
my mind
and soft floating friends
hovering in the background.

I won't give you up
Quiet Place.

I will
come back to you.

Write where I left off.
A few thoughts on missing...
the words
here you are glorified
and not tossed about in

Here you are
displayed to be on
you best behavior.
Never mundane or overused.

Here I will make you shine.
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