Hermione (meridianpassage) wrote,

The long pauses in between postings...

The Last Unicorn

Whenever I think of you its in
Chocolate chip cookies and peanut butter
Balls, barefoot and bareback on horseback
And dreams and dreams of the unordinary, but
The clock stops there and is hidden in time. You see
The Red Bull already chased us both, first
You then me into the Sea, crashing and crashing
Ordinary, the children weighing, dragging at our
Manes, pulling us down. We fought and screamed
And swam defiance, it was all so beautifully sadness
And the boys, they watched from the towers and
Won in the end. Or did they? ( I can’t )*sigh*
Remember? The story goes, still, playing in my head,
How did it end,
Will we, did she go? The Last Unicorn?

-For Bruinin and me
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